Poltergeist Chat - Emoji Messenger für iOS und Android

Your secret Emoji code messenger

Do you know this situation? You sit in class or at lunch…
You get a message and everyone around you can read along? These times are over! With Poltergeist your messages are only readable when YOU want. Try it out now!
  • Finally your messages have some privacy
  • Create your own secret codes
  • Send pictures and audio messages – securely!
  • Timebombs: Messages are deleted, whenever YOU want


Poltergeist is your new secret code messenger. Give your chats some privacy. With Poltergeist every message is translated into your emoji code. A single message is only readable in plain text by clicking the unlock button. All texts, pictures and audio messages can be sent as "Timebombs", that destruct themselves after a time set by you.

Poltergeist is 100% free and safe. Everything you delete is deleted.



Encoding & reading

  • More privacy for you and your chats. All messages are directly encoded and only decoded whenever you want.


  • With Poltergeist you decide who has your data. With Timebombs you can decide when texts, pictures or audio messages simply go up in smoke.

Your own secret code

  • In case you don’t like our default secret code, just create your own one. For school, university, colleagues or your best friends.

Poltergeist for iOS

Poltergeist for Android